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Immediate or quick payday loan vs long term loan

The, A “finished” food product shown in the advertising in reality usually looks a little different, probably hardly surprised someone. Nor does a bath, which was freed from dirt and dirt within minutes with the help of a “special” cleaner in the advertising, turn out to be a “wish result”, probably not. But what if the financial world develops a product and thus “propagates” a feature of that product, which in practice turns out to be simply non-existent? If only the Titulation of the product at the customer creates a clear expectation, in which the supplier is clear from the beginning, that this expectation can not be fully served? How would such an approach be described in general? Let us simply leave the answer open and give a concrete example of this: the so-called rapid credit or even instant credit.
long term loans
The expectation of a quick loan or instant loan.

Let’s just ask ourselves what we expect when we expect concepts like “fast” and “instant” in conjunction with a product or Service. Or how we act ourselves when a corresponding request is made by third parties. The answer is probably that we expect immediate “action” or do it ourselves. With the aim that this action immediately, ie without long waiting time, leads to a final result. So let’s transfer this to the offer of an immediate or quick loan. So if the Situation is that we need a 1500 loan loan quickly, the idea is not to wait long for the processing and payment. Not many days at all. Because then we could also apply for a very normal installment loan, where it is clear from the beginning that the corresponding waiting period must be “brought”. But the quick loan is supposed to avoid this. So this type of credit is chosen.

The Bulk of quick loan deals quickly.

In most cases, anyone who looks for a suitable credit offer with this expectation, created solely by the Titulation of such a loan by a Bank, is likely to experience a disappointment. Although the loan application – mostly online-was quickly made and in the best case a “preliminary commitment” was given, but then it was not infrequently with “fast” and “immediately”. What follows is the” send back and forth ” of documents, a long-overdue identification process by Post-Ident, etc. In addition, internal bank processes in credit processing can be optimized. In plain language, this means that a quick loan often takes a week or more to pay out due to the points mentioned. The difference from the application for a “classic” installment loan ? No one! But how was it the same with the Definition of the words “fast” and “immediately”?

The conclusion on the subject of quick loans and instant loans.

The point is that there is quite a quick loan in the form of the customer, so we also expect him. And that is when certain technological “tools” such as Video Ident, Digital Account Check and digital signature as well as Express payment are offered by the, which offers long term loans. With these technologies and coordinated internal Bank processes, it is possible to process loan applications in full within 24 hours and to bring them to payment upon approval. If this cannot be guaranteed, the credit offered as a quick loan is not what it promises.

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